Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BFSC: 2 Piece"FatKini"

Hello Beauties!!!

Here's to my big finale of this challenge. I've finally come to the end of the BFSC and I promise you that this was my biggest challenge of them all!!!! I was without a swimsuit due to the fact that your girl cannot swim and all the ones I liked were too darn expensive to me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

BFSC: Body-con Outfit

Hello Beauties!!!

Last night, I went out to hear this live band at a local club called Martinis. I made a quick switch into this look be it that I was pressed for time. I gathered thoughts in my mind as to what I would wear and this is the look I came up with being that I do not wear my body-con skirts that often.

BFSC: Wear Something Strapless

Hello Beauties!!!

I am almost near the finish line and this thing is getting down to the wire. This challenge concept was created and hosted by Jasifer of JasifersClub.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Brut

Hello Beauties!!! 

Last night, I got with some friends of mine to have a few drinks and had so much fun!! The title of this post comes from the name of this drink I had and I got to tell you that the drink was delicious!!!
I don't care for beer at all but the Corona in this drink was great!! Just from the pic, you can see what I am talking about:

Friday, July 27, 2012

BFSC: High-Waisted Bottom

Hello Beauties!!! 

Today, I headed out to celebrate the blessing of a new job offer I got on Tuesday. Thank you God!!!  I went out to Happy Hour with Ericka of ShapElyLouise and her new, now open online boutique here

This is my 7th submission for the BFSC and I seem to be doing better than I thought. I have to pat myself on the back for making it this far!!! So I opted to be cute yet comfortable. I got these pants from F21+ and they are the business!!! Ericka is trying to make me be tired of them already, but I cannot turn them loose just yet... 
Enough of small talk already, here is my OOTN:

Top: Kmart by LYS; Pants: F21+; Shoes: Torrid

I love these pants!!! They are so fun! 

See ya soon!!! Smooches!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

BFSC: Cropped Top & Maxi Skirt or Dress

Hello Beauties!!!!

I am still hanging in there so here's to my submission for the BFSC that is being hosted by Jasifer of Jasifers Club. Be sure to check out the other participants of this BFSC here.

This was a huge challenge for me...The crop top was bit of a struggle and I did want to do it but with a tasteful spin. I did not own anything crop in my wardrobe so I went on the hunt for something of that nature. I went to any and every store, and finally I stopped in Kmart and found this cute top. You all have heard about the LYS collection at Kmart, but to my surprise the Bongo line carries plus size!!! Yay!!! They had colorful bottoms and an array of tops to choose from. So feel free to stop in your local Kmart and check the Bongo line for their plus size fashions. 

I purchased this top with the intent to where it with a really cute bra. I remembered that I had this leopard print bra from a few years back and decided to wear it underneath. I did my best and I hope you guys feel the same.

Top: Kmart by Bongo; Maxi Skirt: Ashley Stewart; Bra: Lane Bryant; Sandals: Target

Ring: ItsFashionMetro

I actually am quite surprised by how this look came together. I love the top and will be checking Bongo out more often. The best time is now since the store will be making room for fall wear in which means all the summer apparel will be marked down tremendously. 

Until next time my Beauties....Take care and have a great rest of the week!!! 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Initiation

Hello Beauties!!! 

This is bit of a turn for my fashionholics of +SizeSouthernlady. I am here today to reveal to you an artist new to the game of music. Music is my first love and when she reached out for support, I jumped on it to show her love here on my blog. She and I have history, which I must say is great history. She and I are graduates from Wilcox Central High School and have know each other for years!!! Tracy is what I call her, but to you all she is Lady Amazon.

She has released her EP that consist of 5 songs and I have three that I am feeling from that list! My favorite tracks are Energy Transference, Henn & Coke, and Take Flight  I knew she wrote and such but the girl is something serious and she is destined to be something great!!! 

 Feel free to check her out on the right side of the page and purchase if you like what you hear.

Her photography is hott!!! Love it Lady Amazon!!!  

You can check her out at the following below: 

Twitter:  @TracyBTheAmazon

Blog: Lady Amazon

Leave your thoughts....

Neon + Hi-Lo

Hello Beauties!!! 

A whirlwind of events have taken place in my life in the past week. I am blessed to say that God does not make any mistakes and I am glad that I finally acknowledged that!!! I will not disclose what has been going on, but I will say that God removes certain situations out of your way when he feels that it is at the best time to do so, and I extend a huge offer of THANKS up to him for doing that at this time in my life. 
So to each of my followers and supporters, I say to you that in these times, we must remain humble, always surround ourselves with positive people, and keep God first.

I have been participating in the BFSC and the days are winding down for the challenge to be complete so wish me luck that I get this done in the coming days. The ladies that have been participating are giving it their all and I love it!!! 

On yesterday evening, my Boo and I went to see the movie Ted. Since this was date night for us, I decided to be comfortable yet cute! I chose to rock my neon colored ankle pants with a Hi-Lo top and this marvelous hair I have been rocking. I am loving this hair so much that I want to buy "It" again. Yes "It" again, her name is Nia Girl and she is giving me and my head life!!! I am at this point trying my hardest to transition to natural, but it is a struggle!!! I am going to visit my stylist this week for some TLC, like getting my ends clipped and deep conditioning treatment, and etc. 

Top/Pants: F21+; Shoes: Bakers; Necklace/Ring: Ashley Stewart; Earrings: JCP


To all my Beauties, Have a great rest of the week!!!! Smooches!!! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BFSC: Something I Normally Wouldn't Wear

*****Picture Heavy*****

Hello Beauties!!!

This weekend...this weekend....this weekend....this weekend....It was great!!! I was able to leave work early and attend an even hosted by E. Louise of ShapElyLouise. She has opened an online boutique and has some really great pieces to offer and at great prices!! Her online boutique launched back in May and I suggest you guys check her out. This past Saturday she hosted her launch party here in Birmingham, AL and it was a success even though I arrive late... :-( Although it was fashionable late of course. For the attire of the evening, I decided to rock a piece from her online boutique. I wanted something exclusive yet different for me. And I think I hit the mark with the piece I chose because it was bright, a one piece, and it had the parachute legs. The fit of this jumpsuit is amazing!!! I told her I was a bit timid about wearing it at first but I was like, WTH, I'm gonna rock it!!! 

Jumpsuit: ShapElyLouise; Shoes: Bakers; Clutch: Target

I did not attend the party alone...I took with me my also fashionable friend Adrian. She looked darling in the ensemble that she created from thrifting!!!! Yes, her entire look was thrifted, and I loved it!! The colors looked perfect on her skin and she is one that steers clear of color and I think she looked great! Here is her look:

Just a fun look:

Finally, you have reached the end...Eyes are tired I know!!! LOL!!! 
Hope you all enjoy this look as much as I loved wearing it!! 

And to everyone, have a great safe and prosperous week!!! Be Blessed and Peace. 

BFSC: Short Shorts

Hello Beauties!!!

Today I decided to do the unimaginable for me. I wore short shorts. This really is out of the norm for me because I only own 2 pair of shorts in my wardrobe, but after today, I think I will be owning many more! I love the fit of these shorts and have owned them for years and probably worn them only 3x's now. Sad, I know but I have this insecurity about wearing shorts. My friend Adrian kept saying to me, I do not see why you wouldn't wear shorts because those look nice on you. Ok, true friends will always tell the truth and that she does often. I will be taking her advice with stride and add more shorts to my wardrobe for next Summer and even Winter to wear with tights!!! 
This look comes with new hair as well.  I love big hair on me for some reason and I feel that I wear it well. It makes me think about Shanda (picture below) with husband Fat Man Scoop. I love her hair!!!  
I rocked my very first curly wig back when I performed my Fall semester in Gospel choir. I loved that hair until it flopped on me after 4 wears. So I was introduced to this lady I am rocking now on Saturday evening and I will never part from it!!! Love this hair and the way it frames my face!!!!

Hope you like it as much as I did!!! 

BFSC: Wear Something "Hi-Lo"

Hello Beauties!!!

This has been a momentous week. I have been very busy and haven't stopped for a minute. I am trying to be a good sport and keep up with this challenge as much as I can. As I research a few of my past looks, I have worn mostly everything already and why not go ahead and post it for all to see. I am loving this challenge because it is really pushing me to another level to wear pieces I would not normally wear. Without further introduction, I present my "Hi-Lo" look:

Top: Sears; Pants: Kmart by LYS; Sandals: Rainbow; Bag: Shii by Journeys

That is all for now...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

BFSC: Dress & Sleeveless

Hello Beauties!!!! 

It is truly a blessing to be here! I am getting wiser with age and I used to live to celebrate every birthday. Now as I get older, I just live to be grateful for the day to come and just wanna curl up on the sofa and watch a good TV show, movie, or read a book. I am dropping in to share with you my birthday/work look.

Here is a reintroduction of this look. I am now entering this for my BFSC of my girl Jennifer from here.
I have been meaning to do a post to begin my introduction to this challenge, so I decide to republish this post for the BFSC. In this look I am rocking a dress and it is sleeveless!!! Let's hear it for the big girls!!!

I hope you ladies approve and here is the look:

 Dress: F21+; Earrings: Charlotte Russe; Watch: MK; Shoes: Jessica Simpson 

Had to do my little dance in this picture...I was singing "Birthday Cake" by Rhianna...

I apologize for the impromptu photos with the wall art in the background and all, but I had to snap these really quick before work. My boyfriend was so mad at me for making him get out of bed, hey, I'm the birthday girl!!!  "Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake...."
(My B-day was June 21)
I'm just Happy to be here another day!!!! 

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway and I have another coming up very soon. Be on the lookout...Smooches!!! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!!

Hello Beauties!!! 

Today I went to work.....Ugh!! It was a slow day today and wasn't too sad about being there. Luckily to my surprise, I was given the option to stay or go home by 2:30, you know your girl chose to go home!!! The rest of my day was great and decide to go to a friend's house and enjoy the rest of this beautiful Independence Day. Enough of that, I came to share with you the look for the day. I did not choose to be patriotic, so I rocked floral w/ my flare leg jeans I purchase from Lane Bryant last night!!! These babies are by DKNY and got them for $14!!!! #Winning....These jeans are originally priced at $89 and were marked down to $39.99 w/ an additional 50% off the marked down price. Lucky me I got this pair and a pair of Seven7.....#Winning. 

Blouse: LYS @ Kmart(also seen here); Jeans: DKNY @ LB; Sandals: Rainbow

The fit of this jean is great!!! Like most jeans purchased from LB, they tend to give as you wear them in a day. These jeans had curve appeal fit all day. Love it!!! 

Everyone be safe and have a great rest of the week!!!