Sunday, July 15, 2012

BFSC: Short Shorts

Hello Beauties!!!

Today I decided to do the unimaginable for me. I wore short shorts. This really is out of the norm for me because I only own 2 pair of shorts in my wardrobe, but after today, I think I will be owning many more! I love the fit of these shorts and have owned them for years and probably worn them only 3x's now. Sad, I know but I have this insecurity about wearing shorts. My friend Adrian kept saying to me, I do not see why you wouldn't wear shorts because those look nice on you. Ok, true friends will always tell the truth and that she does often. I will be taking her advice with stride and add more shorts to my wardrobe for next Summer and even Winter to wear with tights!!! 
This look comes with new hair as well.  I love big hair on me for some reason and I feel that I wear it well. It makes me think about Shanda (picture below) with husband Fat Man Scoop. I love her hair!!!  
I rocked my very first curly wig back when I performed my Fall semester in Gospel choir. I loved that hair until it flopped on me after 4 wears. So I was introduced to this lady I am rocking now on Saturday evening and I will never part from it!!! Love this hair and the way it frames my face!!!!

Hope you like it as much as I did!!! 


  1. See I am the same way.. I dont wear shorts bc Im a thick girl with very skinny legs(from the knees down) lolo. So I hv for a long time kept them out of my wardrobe. But since I hv recently started blogging Im becoming more comfortable and to see how other women of my size wear them has given me a change of heart.. I look very nice in this fit... ooooh yeah and this hair style is very much YOU!!! U go girl!!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment!!! W/ the hair, I was just trying something different and I love it!!!! I am now, not afraid to step outside of the box and you go on and rock them shorts girl!!!!


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