Monday, May 12, 2014

Minor Hues of Blue

Skirt: Thrifted| Tank: Kmart by LYS (old) | Shoes: Charlotte Russe  (old) | Sheer Jacket: F21+ | Necklace: Rainbow

Happy Mothers Day to all my blog readers that are mothers and even those who are mothers to be. Here is a recap of my 1st official Mother's Day look that I wore to church on Sunday. I wanted to wear "Hues of Blue" for some strange reason but I didn't have a blue jacket to wear with my look, better luck next time. Monochromatic appeals to me at this very moment and it will be featured in a future post ;-)
This mother's day thing is taking some getting use to; I forgot to msg/txt friends that recently became mothers just like me and I was taking back by those who wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Believe it or not, reality still has not settled and my baby is about to be a year old. WOW! 
Finally, I introduce you all to my baby Jairus,Jr. aka "JJ", he recently turned 8 months and that year is slowly creeping on in there. My baby is growing too fast!! I want to keep him just like this but I know that is impossible.  Hope you all enjoyed this post....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Floral Peplum + Pleated Maxi

Top: F21+/Skirt: Ashley Stewart(old)/Shoes: Payless(old)

Hey yall!!!! It has been a long time coming...IKR! LOL! But I'm gonna make this thing consistent from this moment going forward. Please Pray that Curvy Southerner continues with a mighty stride. I so love this skirt and this top is a recent purchase from F21+. I loved this combo because it gave this look structure from top to bottom. Peplum, pleats, and platforms! How you like them apples...Love and miss yall!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

ELOQUII returns...

The moment I recieved the email notification of this plus line's return I was a bit skeptical because of what their fashion lacked when they first emerged as an opposing face of plus fashion in this massive industry. I was completely doubtful that the new collection would be about anything....Boy was I wrong and man did I eat some words!!! Eloquii is back and much better than ever. They have hit some major points with this new Spring 2014 collection that I can assure you that, from this collection they have some major shoes to fill in the coming seasons. Keep it up Eloquii!!! The site is open and up for the taking, you find these pieces and many more here at Eloquii. Happy shopping and enjoy!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Dress/Belt: ASOS(old), Tights: Random, Shoes: JustFab, Earrings: Charlotte Russe(old), Watch: Kmart by Sofia Vergara
This look is what I wore to sing at a Gospel event. How did I do?  This is another outfit re-do which is when I wore it here. This dress is super comfy and I decided to make it Fall appropriate. I did opt to wear my faux black leather all time favorite jacket (not pictured) with this dress. Here is me wearing the jacket here. Hope you guys enjoy my take on looks revisited.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wine Lace

Top: H&M Plus Size, Skinnies: F21+(Similar Here), Bag: Target by Phillip Lim, Shoes: Shoedazzle, Watch: Michaeal Kors, Bracelets: F21
This outfit is slightly a revisit from last year here. This was during the time I first found out I was pregnant and I felt like a blowfish...LOL! Amazingly to my family, is that I fit right back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and so was I! Hope you guys like this revisited look.
*Edited my photos using my fave, PicMonkey. Check out PicMonkey, you will love it. Its free too!*


Monday, December 2, 2013

In the Mix

*This lippie is $1.99.* .........Details in another post ;-)
 Blazer: F21+(old), Jeans: Burkes Outlet(old), Top: Kmart by LYS (old), Booties: Urbanog (old), Bag: Target by Phillip Lim, Earrings: Mall Vendor
 The long awaited outfit post is here!!!!!! Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus...LOL! So foreal. My Blogger has been tripping for some strange reason but I seem to have gotten it on track now.
This is a look was tossed together just to make a run to the mall. Since I rarely, these days or weekends wear clothes that much since becoming a new Mommy, I saw that I had the perfect photographer (my sister) here, lets get to it. My prospect outfits will strictly come from shopping my closet and with an add on of a few pieces I see fit to buy or of need. Hope you all like this look.   
My photos were edited using PicMonkey and that site has become my new best friend. More of that in another story.  


Monday, November 18, 2013

CS Beauty Review: CoverGirl Queen Collection 3in1

It's review time!!!! I have been wanting to try the Covergirl Queen Collection Foundation for a while now and my chance finally came when I found it on BOGO 50% off at Walgreens. They are reasonably priced at around $12.99 which beats MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, etc. on any good day but merchants do vary. BOGO is a great option when trying to find the perfect match for your skin tone. My two options I tried for my skin tone were Sheer Espresso and Spicy Brown. A little more about this product is that it is 3in1. The 3in1 means it is a powder, concealer, and foundation all in one. The packaging states "All-day flawless coverage Lasting power of powder, coverage of concealer, and blendability of a foundation in one. Shine free".  Another great thing is that this foundation has a sunscreen of SPF 20. Being that this is a water based foundation, do keep in mind that most drug store foundations tend to sit for sometime so its best to be sure that you shake the product really well before dispensing.
Out of the two colors chosen, Spicy Brown complimented my skin tone best. If I had to rate it on a scale of  1 to 10, I give this foundation a strong 10!  In comparison to my MAC kinda love, I will choose the Queen Collection for any occasion. The coverage is amazing and it does not take too much for an application.
Here's a swatch of the foundation:

This is some good stuff! Look at the above photos and see how good this stuff applied just after 2mins of application. The coverage is beautiful and although, I am not old, it does give my hand a more youthful yet natural appearance. I love it! This will be a constant foundation in my collection.
Here are some photos of me wearing the 3in1:

This foundation is the!!!! This is my new found love in drugstore cosmetics next to those Wet'nWild MegaLast lipticks.
  • Application is great.
  • It comes packaged as a pump dispenser. *Less Germs*
  • It did not leave me with an oily mess of a face. Even after hours of wearing it.
  • This collection comes in an array of colors for women of color.
  • It actually didn't rub off, now that I think of it!!! Thank the make-up Gods!!!
  • I will be using this until I can't get it anymore...
  • Being that it's a drug store foundation and at times product is not rotated as it should be, you will need to be sure to shake this foundation really good before an application.
  • No others I can think of...This is really a great foundation to own.
Only mishap you see is where my glasses were sitting on my nose, but no shiny face here and coverage still intact!!!!
Will you be trying CoverGirl Queen Collection 3in1??? If so, let me know how it works for you.





Friday, July 5, 2013

A New Little Prince

This past weekend was my 2nd baby shower hosted by my Boo, Adrian. It was so much freaking fun that I could not do it all over again because I was exhausted!!! So many friends and family came by my spot to show their love and drop off gifts if they could not make the shower. I will be journeying to Mobile,AL this weekend for my 3rd and final shower to be given by my boyfriend's mom. This is going to be a shonuff party!!! And I am so looking forward to it.

The look of choice was selected by my sister and I am very happy that I went with this option. This dress is almost a year old now and the material feels great against my baby bump!!!! ASOS Curve has been marketed to fit the plus size fancy but the sizes seem to be cut a tad bit larger than the size it shows on the tag. The dress in this photo is a 16, so if it stretches then I say it will work perfectly!!! I'll take that! Hope you all enjoy this look...

Dress: ASOS Curve; Sandals: Target; Necklace: JCP; Earrings: Chic & Sleek Consignment; Watch: MK

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday Celebration 2013

Ericka of ShapelyLouise and Tara

Jennifer and Chris

Blazer: Thrifted Tank: Eloquii; Skirt: ASOS; Sandals: Target; Watch: MK; Earrings: ItsFashionMetro; Bag:
Hello Beauties!!! I did promise you all a birthday post and here it is!!!! My birthday was on Friday, June 21, but I did not celebrate it until Saturday, June 22. I chose to celebrate at California Pizza Kitchen because pizza seems to be a love of mine at the moment(preggo craving) and I must admit that it was quite delicious!!!! In the above photos, those are the loves that came out to celebrate with me and I enjoyed chillin with my crew!!! Not to leave out, the Boo was in attendance as well but he is not a fan of pictures. So, as I sit here creating this blog post, he has the nerve to say that he is not in any of the my next Baby Shower is this weekend, maybe he will be photographed....or maybe not!

Here is the look I came up with to wear out on Saturday and I absolutely loved it!!! It was comfortable and showed my baby bump perfectly! But those feet though...Swollen for days. Not to mention the stain in my tank...I tend to drop food often. Poor me :-( Anywho, I was still cute Boo! Thanks for stopping by and you all have a wonderful weekend.

Until next post,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Visible Zipper+Denim

Me acting silly...LOL!

Jacket: Thrifted-GAP; Dress: Lane Bryant; Bag: Knock-off MK; Sandals: Kenneth Cole; Earrings/Ring: F21
Hello Beauties!!!! This week has kicked off with a bang...And with that I mean this is my 30th week of pregnancy (almost 8mths) and Jairus Jr. is acting all kinds of up, but I love every minute of it! Not to leave out another gem of excitment, for this week, my birthday is today and I am turning an exquisite, curvy, and exuberant 28 years old!!!!! Yes, I am not afraid to share my age with you all because there  are too many people that I know personally that are not here to see this journey with me. I am just beyond thankful at this point in my life because I am expecting my first child and God has allowed me to see another year! I am at a loss for words at just how amazing he has been...

Be on the lookout for a Bday post soon...