Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Initiation

Hello Beauties!!! 

This is bit of a turn for my fashionholics of +SizeSouthernlady. I am here today to reveal to you an artist new to the game of music. Music is my first love and when she reached out for support, I jumped on it to show her love here on my blog. She and I have history, which I must say is great history. She and I are graduates from Wilcox Central High School and have know each other for years!!! Tracy is what I call her, but to you all she is Lady Amazon.

She has released her EP that consist of 5 songs and I have three that I am feeling from that list! My favorite tracks are Energy Transference, Henn & Coke, and Take Flight  I knew she wrote and such but the girl is something serious and she is destined to be something great!!! 

 Feel free to check her out on the right side of the page and purchase if you like what you hear.

Her photography is hott!!! Love it Lady Amazon!!!  

You can check her out at the following below: 

Twitter:  @TracyBTheAmazon

Blog: Lady Amazon

Leave your thoughts....

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