Sunday, July 29, 2012

BFSC: Body-con Outfit

Hello Beauties!!!

Last night, I went out to hear this live band at a local club called Martinis. I made a quick switch into this look be it that I was pressed for time. I gathered thoughts in my mind as to what I would wear and this is the look I came up with being that I do not wear my body-con skirts that often.

I went for the Red one and not knowing how short this baby was but I loved it!! I tend to try and stay away from the skirts this short, but I got curves and I am not afraid to show them off. 

Here's to my 9th submission for the BFSC:

Blouse: Lane Bryant; Skirt: F21+; Shoes: Rainbow

One more challenge left in this thang....Idk yall!!!! Wish me luck.



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