Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I've Missed You

I know its late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! 

My new year resolution is to not worry because I did too much of that last year.

This is a well long overdue blog post from your editor and chief of this wonderful blog called CurvySoutherner. I have missed you all so much that it has taken sometime to sit down and write this. To simply put it, LIFE and S&*^ happens! And yes, that happened to me and for that, I needed sometime to gather myself, ideas, relax, become more motivated, interested and goal minded toward more things to progress my blog and other endeavors. I have been active on my other social media sites and if you didn't know, click on over to my Facebook Likepage   and log onto Instagram and see my profile here. I would really appreciate if you stop by show your love or like it. 

Just to briefly bring you up to speed on my hiatus, I'd gotten sick early part of November and as a result, I had to have emergency Gallbladder/Gallstone removal surgery. I was suffering from the gallbladder attacks since Spring 2014. My doctor advised that after carrying my baby for those nine months, it had caused my uterus to press against my gallbladder for that period of time and brought out the arousal of my gallbladder attacks that bothered me from time to time. I must admit, it was my stubbornness that it became excruciating. 

During my two week follow-up with my surgeon, I was told that my gallbladder was full of Gallstones to the point that it could have ruptured. To think, I kept putting the gallbladder attacks off as if, it would eventually get better. Once I returned to work, my coworkers then gave me the depth of my gallbladder issue. If I had continued to procrastinate, it could have ruptured and I could have become septic. Septic is when the body becomes infected with bacteria. When the body becomes septic, that can lead to hospitalization with several rounds of strong antibiotics and/or cause death. When I think about how close I was to something this devastating, I just thank God for allowing me go to work in pain on Monday(11/3), secure and go to a doctors appointment on Tuesday(11/4), have surgery on Wednesday(11/5), and sit here and be able to tell you how blessed I am to tell you about it.  Long story short, I feel much better, but the only adjustment at this point is to learn what to eat until my body gets used to not having that organ anymore. 

The year 2014 was a year of growth for me and my family. My growth has encouraged me to start somethings new and do things I love versus just because. I have been taking complete advantage of that in more ways than you know, and I just thank God that he revealed a new woman in me. My initial focus for this year is organization. I need more organization than you know and in more ways you know! I have been researching ways to get more organized and currently I am looking at the Erin Condren planner and ways to declutter and organize my home. I want that planner so bad but for now, I will just settle for the $7 planner I purchased from my local Target. Lets see how long it last, and plus I will be keeping you in the know about my organization and so forth. Have any of you thought about planner organizing?

I have so much to catch with you all about. I look forward to our future chit chat.

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