Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CS Beauty Review: Ruby Kisses Matte Lipsticks

If you are a matte lippie lover like me and looking for a budget buy. Please get your hooks in these $2.99 lipsticks from your local beauty supply store or look for them online here. I can truly attest that this is an amazing buy and is  of great quality when in comparison to my MAC lipsticks that I own. I love matte lip colors because they tend not to have a ton of movement on the lips and are quite long lasting if you are not consuming any greasy food products. 

LtoR: Dark Plum Scene(RMLS13), Fuchsia Fierce(RMLS17), Blackism(RMLS14), Plum Wine(RMLS12), Vampire Red(RMLS08), Graylite(RMLS24), Purple Affair(RMLS18), Brown Sugar(RMLS03)

Out of all the shades that I own, I am in love with Purple Affair because it is a true purple on my skin tone and I don't look crazy. Here is a pic of me rocking my favorite shade below.
Don't mind my chapped/dry lips, please do exfoliate and moisturize really well.

These lipsticks are dead on pigmented and affordable. The lasting power can stand against any higher end matte lippie products I own in my collection. So, please go get you some of these awesome lipsticks. 

Be on the lookout for my upcoming Colourpop review/product swatch of my mini collection that is soon to bloom. 

Will you be venturing out to try a less expensive matte lip color? 


  1. these look awesome , but that white one looks a little crazy though...maybe I would used it as a base and use a shadow on top of it :)

    Giselle ♥

  2. those colors look amazing, I'm a little freak out about the white one but I guess you can be creative whit it.

    can we follow each other?


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