Monday, December 2, 2013

In the Mix

*This lippie is $1.99.* .........Details in another post ;-)
 Blazer: F21+(old), Jeans: Burkes Outlet(old), Top: Kmart by LYS (old), Booties: Urbanog (old), Bag: Target by Phillip Lim, Earrings: Mall Vendor
 The long awaited outfit post is here!!!!!! Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus...LOL! So foreal. My Blogger has been tripping for some strange reason but I seem to have gotten it on track now.
This is a look was tossed together just to make a run to the mall. Since I rarely, these days or weekends wear clothes that much since becoming a new Mommy, I saw that I had the perfect photographer (my sister) here, lets get to it. My prospect outfits will strictly come from shopping my closet and with an add on of a few pieces I see fit to buy or of need. Hope you all like this look.   
My photos were edited using PicMonkey and that site has become my new best friend. More of that in another story.  



  1. Glad to see you back....You look soo cute!! I cant wait to hear the details about that lippie!! :)

  2. Love the blazer and that lippie is gorgeous!


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