Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blazer & Stripes

Hello Beauties!!! Just popping in really quick to share with you my look from last night. My efforts from now on are to shop my closet for looks. I like to call this comfort chic.

Blazer-Thrifted; Top/Earrings/Necklace-F21+; Shorts-Lane Bryant;; Ring- JCP; Watch-Michael Kors

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Product Review: Maybeline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream

Hello Beauties!!! Today I am dropping in to share with you my feedback on the Maybeline BB Cream that I purchased a month ago. I was chatting with a fellow BLM girl named Kirsten TheDumpyDuchess Jackson about this particular product. This review is long overdue, and if you want to check out her feedback on it, just click here.

The BB Cream is a product that was mainly sold in East and Southeast Asia. The product was initially created to be a blemish balm for Asian women that wanted a lighter weight cosmetic product. The product slowly but surely made it’s way to the Western hemisphere and since the impact of BB Cream, it has poured!!! Now, you can find an array of different brands that carry their own line of BB cream.
Since I only own this one, it is all subject to provide the same thing pretty much. Maybeline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is said to
  1. Blurs Imperfections
  2. Enhance
  3. Brightens
  4. Adjusts to skin-tone
  5. Smoothes
  6. Hydrates
  7. SPF 30 Protects
  8. 0% Oils and other heavy ingredients
This product indeed does all listed, be it that if you are looking for light to medium coverage. I have some acne scarring, so for me I may need a little more coverage. I am no way what so ever ashamed for anyone to see these scars, so for a light coverage day, this will work perfect! I use it as I would any other true foundation product. In the pictures below you will see the just of what the product did for me.
As you can see in the above picture, there are the apparent imperfections that come through the coverage of the product. The product does conceal those imperfections pretty good though.


BB Cream
In the picture above, these are the products I used to create the look in my BB cream photos.

Overall, the product is great and I recommend that you make this BB Cream an addition to your makeup collection. It will serve it’s purpose on those lighter days when you desire to have little to no makeup on. I challenge you to try Dream Fresh BB Cream.

Will you be trying any brand of BB Cream????

Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello Beauties!! It is finally time to spring out the layering...Yes!!! I am super excited because Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons. Although, in this post I don't bring that aspect just yet because it is still sort of hot here in AL. As for the past three days, the cooler front has begun to move in slowly, but surely... This outfit came as a "Sheer" accident, but turned out to be one of my favorites!!!! Since participating in the BFSC, I am coming more out of my element when it comes to my purpose of style. (Hint: My new logo is above, love it!!!) I tend to be drawn to the simple looks of fashion because they are the looks that can be very diverse.    On to the look:

Blouse: Lane Bryant; Jeans: Kmart by LYS; Shoes: Payless; Bag: c/o; Necklace: Charlotte Russe

By the way, these pictures were taken with my tripod. I had forgot the thing had all these different heights, I know, sad right.

Giveaway coming very soon...

Your CurvySoutherner,

Monday, September 10, 2012

QT + Relaxation

Hello Beauties!!! This past Friday the boo and I were off so we decided to venture the "A"... Atlanta that is. I wanted so bad to hit up my fellow blogger peeps and such, but it was just QT for the Boo and I, plus I was only there for a day. I spent my day in complete comfort and that is a usual for me. Just as much as I love getting all dolled up, I love even more being in comfort mode. Enough small talk, here are my looks from the weekend:

Top: Kmart by LYS; Skinnies: F21+; Sandals: Rainbow (Favorites); Crossbody: Burke's Outlet by Tyler Rodan; Necklace: JCP

Had to end my weekend on a note that is not quite my normal. I decided to put the hair I have been rocking to rest and shop for some new!!! I love the turban look, but I cannot seem to get the freaking thing tied quite right. This was the last look for the road trip back home,  and the Boo actually liked it, to my surprise... Well enough small talk, here is my final look for the weekend: 

Maxi Skirt/Dress: Kmart by LYS; Jacket: Thrifted by GAP; Belt: Target; Sandals: Rainbow; Turban: Scarf from local $1.00 jewelry store; Earrings: Macy's 

To commemorate my blogger-versary, which was officially July 5, I will be presenting my giveaway VERY SOON!!!!!! I appreciate each and everyone of you all dearly. All the kind comments, personal messages, and continued positive feedback is of  my greatest gratitude to you all. But I do know that without God, none of this would be possible.  

 That is all for now, until next post....

Your Curvy Southerner,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi-Lo in Tribal

Hello Beauties!!! Today is the beginning of September and the lovely start to my three day weekend!!! Yes!!! Well, I decided to pull this dress from the closet before it gets too cool to wear it. This probably is my final look of the summer be that if the weather doesn't change. It has been quite hot here still in Birmingham, AL. We are still experiencing 80 degree weather with rain as well. Here that seems to be tornado weather being that we dodged Hurricane Issac, Thank God.  I am praying for those that have experienced devastation from that hurricane that turned tropical storm.

I purchased this dress from F21+ online a few months ago, and just wanted to be comfortable because I was going to the mall. Without further introduction, here is my OOTD:

Dress: F21+; Necklace: Ashley Stewart; Sandals: Target
 I am trying to be more conscious of incorporating my FOTD's. Here lately, I have managed to add them to all of my most recent posts. I really hope you guys are liking this addition to my blog!!!!

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day weekend beauties!!!! 

Curvy Southerner,