Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Product Review: Maybeline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream

Hello Beauties!!! Today I am dropping in to share with you my feedback on the Maybeline BB Cream that I purchased a month ago. I was chatting with a fellow BLM girl named Kirsten TheDumpyDuchess Jackson about this particular product. This review is long overdue, and if you want to check out her feedback on it, just click here.

The BB Cream is a product that was mainly sold in East and Southeast Asia. The product was initially created to be a blemish balm for Asian women that wanted a lighter weight cosmetic product. The product slowly but surely made it’s way to the Western hemisphere and since the impact of BB Cream, it has poured!!! Now, you can find an array of different brands that carry their own line of BB cream.
Since I only own this one, it is all subject to provide the same thing pretty much. Maybeline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is said to
  1. Blurs Imperfections
  2. Enhance
  3. Brightens
  4. Adjusts to skin-tone
  5. Smoothes
  6. Hydrates
  7. SPF 30 Protects
  8. 0% Oils and other heavy ingredients
This product indeed does all listed, be it that if you are looking for light to medium coverage. I have some acne scarring, so for me I may need a little more coverage. I am no way what so ever ashamed for anyone to see these scars, so for a light coverage day, this will work perfect! I use it as I would any other true foundation product. In the pictures below you will see the just of what the product did for me.
As you can see in the above picture, there are the apparent imperfections that come through the coverage of the product. The product does conceal those imperfections pretty good though.


BB Cream
In the picture above, these are the products I used to create the look in my BB cream photos.

Overall, the product is great and I recommend that you make this BB Cream an addition to your makeup collection. It will serve it’s purpose on those lighter days when you desire to have little to no makeup on. I challenge you to try Dream Fresh BB Cream.

Will you be trying any brand of BB Cream????


  1. I've been wanting to try this for a while but I was afraid it wouldn't mask the scarring on my right cheek. I think I just might give it a try now.

    Thanks for sharing your review! :)

  2. i tried the ELF tinted moisturizer just to see if I wanted to step up to a more expensive BB cream and I've been wearing it for weeks. I love it! I have been thinking about trying the Maybelline BB cream, I'm so glad you did a review on it!


  3. Thanks for the review, I've never heard of BB cream so that was very informative. I personally use only MAC studio fix, just did my own review!!


  4. I've been seeing this and wanted to try it out, but was unsure if it would work on my skin (I have scars too "/). I may try it now! Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Great review! I've been reading up on BB Cream as I'm in the market for a tinted moisturizer. Will have to check it out! Thanks!!!

  6. Sorry I know that wasn't the topic of this post, but I just love your hair.


  7. Great review, I've been wanting to try the BB cream for a while now. So thanks :)


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  8. You look gorgeous ladybug! :) I'm glad you like the BB Cream. It didn't work so well for my skin (maybe because I'm only).

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  10. I just started my blog last week but one thing I'm hoping to do is have a day here I try new things. I don't wear makeup much but I think it makes for a more polished look. I think I'll take your challenge!

  11. Pretty Pic...I tried this a while back and Im still not sure how I feel about it! LOL! I tried it a few times for my makeup at work, but I am going to try it again...was it oily on you because I felt it was SUPER oily! I already have oily skin and it just was too much...and I know its moisturizer but it was like greasy! I said I will give it one more try! I have a Meet Mark (AVON) tinted moisturizer that I LOVE!!!

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  14. You look beautiful! What shade did you use? I tested some on my hand while at my drug store and it gave off a slight ashy look so just wanted to know which one you used.



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