Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello Beauties!! It is finally time to spring out the layering...Yes!!! I am super excited because Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons. Although, in this post I don't bring that aspect just yet because it is still sort of hot here in AL. As for the past three days, the cooler front has begun to move in slowly, but surely... This outfit came as a "Sheer" accident, but turned out to be one of my favorites!!!! Since participating in the BFSC, I am coming more out of my element when it comes to my purpose of style. (Hint: My new logo is above, love it!!!) I tend to be drawn to the simple looks of fashion because they are the looks that can be very diverse.    On to the look:

Blouse: Lane Bryant; Jeans: Kmart by LYS; Shoes: Payless; Bag: c/o; Necklace: Charlotte Russe

By the way, these pictures were taken with my tripod. I had forgot the thing had all these different heights, I know, sad right.

Giveaway coming very soon...

Your CurvySoutherner,


  1. Love this outfit, It's very Simple yet you look HOT!!!
    Loving the colour splash with the shoes :)

  2. I love this FIT. I am enjoying the sheer blouses also. They look FAB!!!

  3. Nice love the way the jeans fit i definitely need to stop sleeping on kmart great post!

  4. Great look !!! I wish your fab pics were larger kinda hard to see everything :)

  5. Thanks ladies!!!!

    @Melissa I definitely will start doing so, I guess when creating the post it looks large but it truly isn't. I went through a few of my latest posts and made the pictures larger. Thanks friend!!!

  6. You look nice BFF . I wish I could rock these shoes but to high for me .

  7. Give it to em DIVA! You are werking this outfit. Love your hair and makeup BOO! Kiah


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