Monday, November 19, 2012

Sequins and Combat Boots

 Doing the Ricky Bobby...LOL!!!  Check out the official Rick Bobby here

Jacket: Ashley Stewart; Sequin Top: Baby Phat @ Macys; Jeans: Lane Bryant; Combat Boots/Watch: Kmart

Hello Beauties!!!!!!!! This is the start of Thanksgiving week, Yay to the food!!! Hopefully this is a short work week for me because I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Well, I'm just popping in to give you this quick outfit post from this past Friday. Ok, Loved this look until I realized you could see my pink bra!!! Oh well, it matches my lipstick!!!  The Beau and I decided to go see Dark Knight Rises at our local Dollar Movie Theatre, and I loved it!!!! The two hour movie was well worth it and I love to watch movies like this over and over again. Hope you all enjoy this look.

Also, don't for get to check out my feature over at PlusSizeSavvy here.

Hope you are also enjoying the minor updates that I have made here on the site as well. I will be giving a more in depth post about all updates and such.



  1. I love it. I still looking for the purfect flat boot. I love the top.

  2. Combat boots are the best thing since sliced bread! Love how you paired them with sequins!!

  3. I love anything sequin and I actually thought u matched ur lippie to your bra!! Cute!!

  4. That is a beautiful top! I love sequin! very very beautiful post!

  5. You look so adorable!!! Perfect for a date night!!

  6. loveeee the boots and top! very cute!

  7. Yes! I love any laid back sequin combo! Cute!


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