Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! + #TBT

Hello Beauties!!!! Today is a day of thanks and all the food you can eat!!!! Thank you Jesus is the right thing to say right about now because you know as well as I know that there is going to be a few dishes that you have been dying to have!!!! Eat up and enjoy!!! 

All over IG(Instagram), today is usually #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and today I decided to dedicate this post as my #TBT. Hope you guys love it. 

My 24th Bday June '09:
March '09:
August '09:
My 25th Bday June '10 with my Beau...Sorry for all the boob action:

Hope you all enjoyed this journey of reflect over the past years with me!!! As I type this post I realize that I have so much to be thankful for like my relationship with my boyfriend, family, friends, and life!!! I'm just happy to be here for the most part. As I look at these photos, I see a season of Healthy change in my future. I had started working out back here in the lateral part of the summer, but that didn't last long. So, the time is now that I get up off my ASS and get moving!!! I see it this way, if God is continuing to let my soul nest in this temple, I gotta do my part and take care of it. Right? Cheers to a better me...

Also, I am updating my Youtube as well. The outfit post here, is now live here on Youtube!!!!! Please subscribe to my channel as well, if you like to. 

Cheers to a better me...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Enjoy your day sweet lady!!!!

    I gotta figure out the whole YouTube stuff...


  2. Hello Doll ! Love the blog returning the love from :) I am just starting to venture out into the blogging world . My first outfit post coming soon ! Eeekk so nervous .



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