Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday" 2012

Hello Beauties!!!!

This Tuesday I delighted myself in the Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday" festivities that host some of the largest parades around. I enjoyed every moment! Some people debate that the Mardi Gras was originated in New Orleans, LA, but the truth of the matter is that the birth of Mardi Gra is Mobile, Alabama. I have to admit though, a part of me is very interested to attend at least one Mardi Gra in New Orleans one day. I'm just dropping in to share some pics from my part in the celebration:

Since this was my first time in 3 years attending Mardi Gra, my goal for the OOTD was strictly comfort, and that is just what I did. I wore sneakers, jeans, and a white T-shirt. 
 I really did enjoy myself. I didn't realize how much I missed the hustle for the beads and moon pies until each parade rolled around the block. Around my neck are all the beads my boyfriend and I caught.  We did get to catch a few moon pies, but overall the people on the float to me sucked because they were not throwing much of anything. 
 I think I want to make it a week ordeal for our vacation days next year because I had a great time!

I did beat my face for the day!!! Since I was celebrating Mardi Gra, I decided to do an eye shadow look to commemorate "Fat Tuesday".  So here are a few pics of my FOTD:

Hope you all enjoy...

Happy Hump-day everyone!!!! Have a great rest of the week...

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