Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Golden Egg

Hello Beauties!!!!

This past Monday and Tuesday, the Boo and I attended the Mardi Gras festivities that took place in Mobile, Alabama. Since we were there before day that Monday morning, we chose to rest all day and just catch up with friends and family. I opted to get all dolled up for an evening of nothing, but hey it made me feel good because I wanted to at least to come and share something interesting with you all. 
Monday's OOTN:

Blazer: Torrid;Top: Lane Bryant Outlet;Jeggings: Ashley Stewart;Shoes:;Bag: Coach

This look was pretty casual as my usual, but I did try to step it up a notch. Since I hardly wear my heels for you all to see, I did add them to this look. These shoes were super comfortable, but I wish somebody had told me that you need to break your heels in too. My toes were going numb from the newness of the shoe, and betcha by golly, I will be wearing my heels around the house more often. 

Later that evening, we did end up eating at this restaurant called Golden Egg, that is my reason for this blog post title. The Golden Egg has some good food according to my boyfriend, but I am yet to be impressed. The food wasn't horrible, but they did have some good patty sausage. They serve some pretty good breakfast food though. I might have to revisit, and it may change my perspective on the food if I try something else. 

Moday's FOTD:

Hope you all like it...

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