Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Christmas

Hello Beauties!!!

I hope each and everyone of you had a safe and blessed Christmas. This Christmas for me was so much fun!!! I spent Christmas in Mobile with my boyfriend and his family and I had a blast! I did manage to stop by and visit with my family, but my Mommy was not home :(...but I did see my sisters which made me happy as well. After visiting for an hour or two, we headed on into his stomping grounds. We made it to Mobile about 5pm or so and upon arriving, the excitement was already filled throughout his home. You could hear his Mom bumping around in the kitchen, preparing some delicious Seafood Gumbo! We were only there for the weekend, and it flew by so fast! I wish I could bring it back... He and I are considering moving back there some day, but that is another story. 

Although our weekend ended so fast, I did manage to get just a few pictures because my photographer was out of pocket for the most part. I didn't mind because he was spending time with his friends and it is not everyday that he gets to see them now since moving to Birmingham back in August. I didn't get to snap photos of the family because no one felt the need to get cute, so I did get him in the mood to snap one with me. He is not a friend of the camera at all, so here is my boo and I:

Here is are a few pictures of me:

Jacket: GAP, T-shirt: JCP, Skinny Cargos: Kmart, Necklace: RUE21, Ring: Jewelry Sale @ Work, Shoes: Urbanog

Later that Sunday night, I did get to hang out with my friend Kelly of KellyMonroe. I chilled at her house keeping her company because she wasn't feeling so good, but I have that affect on people to get them in the mood for anything especially a laugh or two! We did get out to hit up a Walgreens to check out the deals on the makeup and what not. We did manage to find a few things which is always great!!!

I think I wanna move back...

I will be venturing to a thrift store tomorrow!!!! Yay!!! Wish me luck because I know they should have some amazing things in stock!

Wishing each and everyone of you a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

Smooches!!!!...ttyl in the New Year!!!

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  1. Awww, how cute!! It looks like you enjoyed yourself and your outfit was simple but very chic. I am actually not too far from where you visited. I've been to Mobile a couple of times because that's my fiances hometown. Lol. Anyways, I enjoyed your post and I like your blog. :)

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