Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre-Bday Celebration and So long 2011...

Hello Beauties!!!

Last night the boo and I decided to get out for an early celebration for drinks and social. We finally managed to leave the house around 1am and didn't end of anywhere except back home. We realize everything was either too packed or the fact that Alabama law stops the serving of alcohol at 2am...That sucks!!! But thank God for friends, we ended up heading to a friend of ours who loves to entertain no matter what time it is. So we headed there and drank wine until 5am! I had so much fun as a matter of fact because we talked about everything under the sun and got advice about any and everything! 

This weekend is such a bummer because my boo will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday and I will not be home to spend it with him... :-( ...I have to work all freaking weekend!!! Sometimes I really hate my job due to the fact that I work 12hrs overnight from 7pm to 7am. I do have some after birthday plans in mind for him though ;-). 

Well here is a look at the outfit I chose the wear out for drinks: 

Sweater: F21; Necklace: Torrid; Watch: MK; Jeans: Lane Bryant; Shoes: Madden Girl; Purse: Steve Madden; Glasses: RetroCitySunglasses

Just thought I'd add the glasses to this throwback looking sweater...Here I am also sharing the my makeup look with you too.


Lips: Revlon/Coral Berry
Eyes: NYX/Random Palette/Maybeline Duo/N.Y.C. Liquid Liner/Wet n Wild White Pencil
Cheeks: Black Radiance/Toasted Almond
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW47
Mineralized Skin Finish/ Dark
Iman Loose Powder

Hope you all like this look. Like the throwback look?

Welcome to all my new followers!!!!

Wishing everyone a safe and exciting new year!!! Have a kiss, a drink, and pop some fireworks for me...

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