Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello Beauties!!!!

Today, I decided to check my mail and to my discovery it was a package waiting for me. Yay!!! I like packages!!! Anyways, it is a package that I had been anticipating for a few weeks now. Earlier last month I contacted a company to do a review on their product. To my surprise, they politely considered to let me do a review on two pieces of their accessory line. HAUTE37 is the name of the company that I contacted, and I heard of the site on Youtube. I was instructed to choose a piece from "HAUTE37 Original Designs" and "Fashion Jewelry". I must say that the choice was not an easy one, but I did manage to narrow it down.
Their merchandise is very reasonable. I know that here in the very near future, I will be placing my order. Most sites that I have come across have had the same inspired earrings for far much more than HAUTE37. 
Stroll over to the website and get your order in because the merchandise does sale fast! You can find the link to the site here.

Fashion Jewelry
*My favorite*

HAUTE37 Original Designs

These are Winners!!!!! 
I can't wait to rock them. 

Stay HAUTE37!!!!

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