Friday, May 17, 2013

Maroon 5

Joanna, my sister Ereka, and me

Top: Kmart by LYS; Jeggings: Ashley Stewart; Shoes:; Jewelry: Random

Hello Beauties!!! This is so freaking late but hunny, nesting this baby ain't no joke!!! LOL! I had the exuberant pleasure to attend a Maroon 5 concert back in March and I loved it to pieces!!!! OMG! Adam Levine is so hott and he put on an awesome show! My goal for my look was "preggo comfort" because I knew I would have to walk a bunch. I love singing so bad that listening to him tell his story as to how it took him and his band to make it had me in tears because I felt as if that could never happen for me. My hormones have me acting all kinds of crazy!!!  Knowing that I know of a higher power, I know that in my due season, God will bless me to be in the exact place he has been creating just for me. 

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  1. You look great pregnant! I love Maroon 5 too! I wish I could have seen them in concert.


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