Saturday, March 2, 2013

CS Organize: Makeup Storage

Hello Beauties!!!! I am coming at you with a few tips and tricks that were applied to situating my makeup sensibly. My makeup haven has gotten just out of hand and I had grown tired of the mess!! I guess I'm just nesting (a pregger thing), LOL!!! Well, I ventured to my local Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to assist in organizing this jungle of a mess.

 Here is the Jungle:

And After. The shelf was purchased from Family Dollar for only $5!!!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!!

These two transparent(plastic) turquoise bens were purchased from Dollar Tree. These are used to hold my lipsticks, powders, and blushes. I will be returning to purchase a few more because I want to get rid of the vertical drawer unit.

This tin can is a MAC container that was gifted when I purchased one of their gift sets a while back. It had a lid, but I broke it off because I saw no use for it to me. I use this to store all my pencils for the time being. 
Here is my drawer unit that I just kept until I get more bens. I keep lip gloss, primers, everyday go to items, and etc. in this unit. That's just my mirror on top. And my container in which I keep my wipes. Disregard the plug-in...LOL!!! 

 My palettes have been my most go to items, so I purchased this mail sorter, I guess you call it, to stack my palettes for easy grab and use.
 The idea for my brush holders was discovered on Youtube!!! There are so many cool ways to store your brushes, but this seem to be the best, easy, and most affordable way for me!! These are candle holders pruchased from Dollar Tree and added the marble like rocks for decor. They are not in any particular order but I think I did good. :-)
My Caboodle/Traincase is used to hold the 'extras' which is stuff that has either never been opened or just isn't used as much. Don't let the outside fool ya, keep scrolling.
 Extra eyeshadows, newbie items, lashes, loose eyeshadows, and etc.

Hope you all enjoyed me sharing with you my makeup storage idea. Knowing that as time goes on, this will be revamped several times. Makeup is an addiction and a good one I must add!!! :-)

Brb...(LOL!! Remeber that Acronym-Be Right Back),


  1. I love this. I need something like this as well.

  2. Good setup....where dis you purchase your train case?

  3. this is the best make up organization i've seen in a long time! you really did a great job!

    i cannot keep my make-up counter neat for nothing in the world lol!

  4. What a smart way to store lipsticks. Makes so much sense, don't know why I haven't thought about it before. GREAT POST!

  5. Amazing! I really need to step up my make-up game. lol. I love this.


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