Monday, November 12, 2012

Influenster: Beauty Blogger VoxBox Review

Hello Beauties!!! Review Time!!! I was one of many great Influensters to review this Beauty Blogger VoxBox. In the above photo, you see all the amazing goodies I received inside...Take a look!!!! These goodies were all amazing, but sad to say I did not use all items shown. I will be listing each item and let you know if I used the product or not. 

  • Goody "Spin Pin"
    • This product did not serve much use for me because I don't have long hair. The product came in a color for dark hair purposes and is able to assist in creating 3 easy styles. From the packaging, you are able to create a nice sleek pulled back bun.
  • NYC Individual Eyes
    • This product is a great eyeshadow compact to have on hand for an everyday look. The primer does work well to me. It could use some minor chemical kinks to get that product to hold just right! Overall the eye colors are great and the illuminator could be used as a great highlight under eye as well as a brow bone highlight.
  • Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream
    • I did not get a chance to use this product. I have not been wearing my hair out at all, so I can not give you the just of this product. 
    • I will say that the product is infused with Coconut and Silk extracts and the smell is great!!! The texture is very smooth and is not a greasy product. 
    • The way to use this product is to simply empty contents from pack into a glass of water and drink as you may.  
    • The packaging is stated to be a daily health booster. It is an all-natural orange flavor drink mix that is created to boost your immunity. 
  • Cider Lane & $10 off from Bath and Body Works
    • This is a mini candle that I was sent. This is a Bath and Body Works product. I was also sent a $10 off coupon as well to use toward any candle purchase from a Bath and Body Works store. 
    • The candle is mini, but the aroma it gives when lit is powerful!!! I loved this candle! I tend not to be into those Fall like scents because I just tend to think they stink. This candle will be purchased by me!!!
  • Kiss Starter Kit ever pro lashes
    • I was so stoked about receiving this kit because I just started getting into the eyelash craze. This kit came with lashes, lash applicator, and 24hr latex-free glue. The lashes were gorgeous but hard as ever for me to get them on. 
    • The lash applicator is handy, but I got glue all over it so that ruined the job it was there for. 
    • I know the glue is a 24hr latex-free, but I did not wear it that long. I do not like the glue applicator at all and  that glue was difficult to remove!! My eyelid turned red from that glue. 
    • I will be trying the lashes again but not the glue. 

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  1. I did not like the EBOOST gave me energy but tasted like boo boo!

  2. Thanks for giving a review!! I've never gotten this box before but looks like lots of goodies!

  3. I REALLY wish I knew how this work! *sigh*


  4. @LA Lynn's you just sign up at


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