Monday, August 20, 2012

Playing In Makeup

Hello Beauties, 

I'm just dropping in to share some recently created looks I have been wearing. Lately, I have decided to play up my face by using more color on my eyelids as well as lips. The looks I created were all produced by using my BHcosmetic palettes. The palettes I currently own are the 40 color Party Girl palette, 28 color smoky eyes palette,  26 color neutral eyeshadow/blush palette, and the 88 color tropical matte eyeshadow palette. All palettes were purchased with my own money except one of them and I must add the color payoff from these babies are great!!! I especially love the BH Party Girl palette because you can create an anytime look with this palette and the colors are beautiful!!! Enough small talk, here are my looks: 

The collage below is of my very first before and after. If you haven't seen it on IG (Instagram), here it is in the flesh. I know the hair is ratchet, but the face is beat down!!!! I love when I see myself make this transformation, I amaze myself at the differences I see in my photos...A mess, I know, just confident and you can never have too much. Love yourself people!!!

Well off to the work week ahead and to all of you have a blessed one. Keep this in mind though, I am planning a huge giveaway as in celebration of my blogaversary  which was officially July 5th. I know, months ago right, but life has been hectic and I just want to show my appreciation. 

Curvy Southerner,


  1. Hey Timeka,

    great Makeup! And I Love the Lipstick from the last collage.
    Where is it from?

    ❤Greatings from Germany,


  2. you look great!!! what kind of fondation do you use ? great coverage!

  3. @Ashley,in these collages I used MAC Studio Sculpt. I started using this in the spring and I love it!!!! Thank you girl!!!

    @Chlencherei Thank you!!!!! The lipstick I am wearing in this pic is Penelope Pink by Cover Girl with a lip gloss on top. I also lined my lips with my NYX Currant lip pencil.


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