Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello Beauties!!!

Saluting our Troops Here and Abroad...

This Memorial Day was spent just chillin with friends and family. I opted to wear this top I purchased from Kmart by LYS. I had been watching it for some time now and decided to purchase this piece. The LYS collection at Kmart gives me so much life and the pieces are well worth every penny! I managed to get this piece for 30% off and I could not beat that. I chose to wear this look with some white jeans and I feel it came together just fine! I took a few hours to get ready and my boyfriend was growing impatient, but once he saw the finished product he was quite pleased!!!! He had to take a step back at how gorgeous I looked if I may say so myself...so lets get on with it, here is the look:

Blouse: Kmart by LYS; Jeans/Shoes: Rainbow

Hope you all like it as much as my boyfriend did...Have a great rest of the week!!!


  1. Great outfit, I love the shirt, it really suits you & your sandals are gorgeous.
    I bet your boyfriend now knows your worth the wait, lol that made me laugh

    1. Thanks a bunch!!! These are my go to shoes and that he does...

  2. I invite you to check my blog out

  3. fab outfit! love the blouse! xx



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