Sunday, April 1, 2012

In and Out

Hello Beauties!!!!

Today is a great day that the Lord has made...I did not make it to church as planned because I hung out all night. I did not intend to be out so late, but hey I actually didn't mind it at all.  I worked all day and didn't make it home until a little after 8, once in the door I was back out by 9:30 heading out to hit up Martinis. I don't do the club much at all anymore, especially when you leave there your entire body and clothes smell like smoke. A friend is in town and I had to join in on celebrating him being here. We had a great time, but I can do without the smoke...On to more adult environments for me...

Enough small talk, here are my looks for Saturday:

Shirt: F21; Drapery Vest/Boots: Kmart; Jeans: Citi Trends  

For my night time look I chose to go with something that was strictly comfortable, yet chic. And with that I know you can never go wrong with all black. I was in a complete rush so this was my best shot for the evening. I loved my shoes because I managed to be in them all night long and felt complete comfort, I loved it!!!! 

Shirt: Sears; Tights: Kmart; Clutch: F21; Earrings: Bakers; Shoes:

Let me know your thoughts. 

To everyone have a great rest of the weekend because mine doesn't end until Monday. 

Stay tuned...Giveaway coming up!!!!!!


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