Monday, March 26, 2012

Black & White

Hello Beauties!!!!

Today I attended a cookout to celebrate a friend's birthday. The event was held at a park and I must say that today was a beautiful and pleasant day!!! The weather was perfect and my outfit choice was so last minute. I did choose my look solely on the color combination, I just wish I had a brighter/neon color shoe. I went with the intent to not stay too long, but with me that never happens because when I get to running my mouth, it is a rap. 
With this look I decided to opt for this black and white t-shirt I got from Sears last week. I know they say that the "plush" girls shouldn't do horizontal stripes, but I thought this would be a very cute top to own for a throw on kinda purpose. This top is a great option to do with color blocking and pattern looks. I always tend to like those things that are said "we" cannot wear, and to that I say "F*^$ whatcha heard" because I love myself some me!!! And to that I'm gonna wear what I damn well please... On to the look:

T-shirt: Sears; Skinny Jeans: Torrid; Shoes:

As you can see, I have retreated back to my short hair. I forgot how much I missed and loved it!!! I'm thinking about doing some color and when that happens, you guys will be the first to know. 

How do you feel about the stripes ordeal? 

Like it or Hate it?

Leaving you all with my saying for the week:

"Get Your Life"---------
                                   by Tamar Braxton

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