Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silky Wraps

Hello Beauties!!!

I'm back.....I came today to hit you with a review on a product I recently purchased. I have had this wrap for mabye 2wks now and I'm just getting to writing this review. Sorry...

Any who, I discovered this wrap from a fellow blogger by the name of Glamorous Gleam aka Erica. She reviewed this wrap on her blog and the link is here. The wrap can be purchased at and it is well worth it. I have been having the issue with the nape of my neck not laying down completely, but mind you I already own a satin wrap. The wrap I have cannot compare to this silky wrap at all!!! Mine caused my hair to form humps at the nape of my neck and created several lumps toward the frontal part of my head and would ruin my hair looks. 

The Old Wrap:
*Don't miss this one at all*

Once seeing this wrap on her site, I had to have it. The wrap does not come off at all during my lounging, sleeping, or whatever. I had a small satin inspired wrap that was a huge pain I must say that I am very please with this purchase and I encourage all my short hair gals to try this product and see if you will like it as much as I do. Below is the wrap I purchased. They have them in an array of colors and designs. I really like the jewel they stitch to the front of the Velcro closure.  


 Compliments of, I was sent this sleep mask as a free gift. And as you see it matches my wrap perfectly.

*I will be trying this mask out soon from my tired night shifts at work.*

Here is me wearing the wrap:
*I was so tired in this picture*

I was very grateful to recieve the free gift because I really did not expect it and I love the appreciation.

Let me know what you think.

I love having my Silkywrap in my life!!!


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