Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello Beauties!!!!

This week has been hectic!!!! I no longer have time to blog much about the looks I wish to share with you guys. On yesterday, I did manage to snap some photos of me after work to share with you the look I wore on yesterday. I got so many compliments on the shoes of course. I wore those bad boys all day long!!! Love it!!! The look was pretty much thrown together at the last minute. I woke up super late and this is what I accomplished:

Sheer Blouse/Bracelets: Lane Bryant; Jeggings: Macys; Shoes: Bakers (seen here); Bag: Coach; Necklace/Earrings: F21; Ring: Ashley Stewart; Watch: MK

The title of this post today comes from a friend of mine that said I looked so professional. I guess I did...IDK... I looked at these pics and thought that I actually looked pretty good today didn't I? This look was comfortable yet chic  and work appropriate. 

Hope you guys like it...


Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Black & White

Hello Beauties!!!!

Today I attended a cookout to celebrate a friend's birthday. The event was held at a park and I must say that today was a beautiful and pleasant day!!! The weather was perfect and my outfit choice was so last minute. I did choose my look solely on the color combination, I just wish I had a brighter/neon color shoe. I went with the intent to not stay too long, but with me that never happens because when I get to running my mouth, it is a rap. 
With this look I decided to opt for this black and white t-shirt I got from Sears last week. I know they say that the "plush" girls shouldn't do horizontal stripes, but I thought this would be a very cute top to own for a throw on kinda purpose. This top is a great option to do with color blocking and pattern looks. I always tend to like those things that are said "we" cannot wear, and to that I say "F*^$ whatcha heard" because I love myself some me!!! And to that I'm gonna wear what I damn well please... On to the look:

T-shirt: Sears; Skinny Jeans: Torrid; Shoes:

As you can see, I have retreated back to my short hair. I forgot how much I missed and loved it!!! I'm thinking about doing some color and when that happens, you guys will be the first to know. 

How do you feel about the stripes ordeal? 

Like it or Hate it?

Leaving you all with my saying for the week:

"Get Your Life"---------
                                   by Tamar Braxton

Monday, March 19, 2012

Colorful Chic

Hello Beauties!!!!

I am finally back with an outfit post...It is gonna be very brief. I'm here just to share a look I rocked last week at work. Hope you all enjoy...
Enough small talk, on to the outfit:

This outfit was a real challenge for me. I loved it though and it came out really well to my sense of style anyway. Unfortunately, the shoes did not make it out through the day because the heel cover some how came off. I was distraught! I will be taking them to a shoe shop to have them repaired soon!!! 

Like it or Hate it????

So hats off to a new week and to everyone, have a good one!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello Beauties!!!!
Last night was QT for the boo and I. We headed out to eat dinner and catch comic Dominique at the Stardome. The Stardome is a local comedy club that host some of the hottest comics local and abroad. I have attend this venue before, and this was a last minute option. I am so happy that we decided to go because it was an excellent show and we both laughed until we cried. I laughed too hard because my head was hurting. Here is the look that I decided to rock last night:

Jacket/Skinny Jeans: Torrid; Top: LYS @ Kmart;Shoe: JCP; Earrings: Lane Bryant 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!! 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Perspective...

Hello Beauties!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I've been gone forever! Well I am back and I have a new job!!!! Whoot whoot!!!! I no longer work the all nighters and I don't miss it at all. Thank God and as always, he makes any and everything possible...I was out of work for a month, and he blessed me to get back into the game so quickly. This week has been a busy one with the 9 to 5 gig getting off the ground for me and all. I love this job because it gives me the opportunity to express my sense of fashion and wear heels as much as I want to! I probably won't be wearing the heels like that...

I'm just here to share with you the looks I have worn so far this week. I did not manage to get the best pictures because I was rushing to do it. And I do have quite a few head shots. Hope you guys like it:

Sorry about face that I am giving in the photo below:
Blazer: Thrifted/T-shirt: Rainbow/Skirt: Lane Bryant/Tights: LYS @ Kmart/ Shoes: Torrid/Necklace: Eloquii by The Limited/Earrings: F21/Watch: MK

Again, I am so sorry about face I am giving below:
Blouse: Lane Bryant/Pants;Bangles;Ring: Ashley Stewart/Shoes: Target(seen here

In the pictures with the coral blazer, I gave the shoes away at work today. I wore them into work, but wore flats out of work. They kept flopping off my feet because they were too big! I put tissue in the toe of the shoes and it still did not work. My coworker asked where were my cute shoes and I told her if she could fit them she could have them. I was going to charge her, but when I got home I decided that I just blessed someone today. That made me feel great!!!!!

Here are pictures of my FOTDs:

Had to throw this fun one in there...this is for my sister...Love you girl!!!!

The weekend is almost here you guys!!!!! 

Time for me to celebrate all the new perspectives in me life to come...